Buy Monthly PIB Summary - RBI, NABARD, UPSC

Buy Monthly PIB Summary - UPSC, RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A

Buy PIB Summary by Brajesh Mohan

Press Information Bureau (PIB) Summary and Analysis of PIB Releases for RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A, UPSC, State PCS Exams by Brajesh Mohan. Read and Download the summary and analysis of the PIB for 2021.

Press Information Bureau (PIB) is the nodal agency disseminating news from the Government of India to the media. PIB releases are an important source of current affairs as well as Programs and Policies of Government for Competitive Exams such as RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A, UPSC, State PCS Exams.

The Press Information Bureau, also known as PIB is the nodal agency disseminating news from the Government of India to the media. Set up in 1919, it has grown into a large agency with more than forty offices all over the country. Its press releases give information to electronic, print and new media on the following topics:

  • Government Planning
  • Government Policies
  • Programme Initiatives
  • Achievements of the Government

Given the volume of news that PIB releases every day, we provide you only the selected and Best of PIB News for your competitive Exams. Following PIB News releases are very important for exam like RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A, UPSC, State PCS Exams as most of the current affairs covered in these exam is available in PIB releases as they happen.

What is PIB?

  • PIB or the Press Information Bureau is the nodal agency of the Government of India, facilitating private media. The information on Government policies, plans, achievements etc is disseminated to the print, electronic or new media by the Press Information Bureau.

What to Read from PIB website:

  • Programs, and policy initiatives and updates from the government.
  • Articles on important personalities, some historical accounts (Important for UPSC, State PCS)
  • All schemes of the government.
  • Advance Estimates of Food Grains (Important for NABARD and Agriculture Exams)
  • Year-end reports by the various ministries and departments on the work done by them in that year.

What to ignore from the PIB:

  • Appointments, Obituaries, removal/resignation of not-so-prominent officials/people.
  • Regular increase/decrease in prices of grains, sugar, etc.
  • Information that you already made a note of in the newspaper and where it is explained in detail.
  • Factsheets on states unless it is your home state and you are preparing for your state PCS.
Buy Monthly PIB Summary by Brajesh Mohan

PIB is most important to cover Programs and Policies of Government. On an average more than 50-60 updates from various ministries are posted on the PIB website but not all the News are important for our exams, so it becomes extremely difficult to eliminate relevant news for Student without Prior experience.
  • Also many people are prepare for RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A along with their Full Time jobs it becomes difficult to manage time for covering PIB from its original source.
  • Most of the PIB Summary PDF provided by various Websites are for UPSC Civil Service Exams which requires different approach to cover PIB, although those PDF can help you upto certain level but you won't be able to answer all the Questions.
  • Covering PIB from Original Sources is Must for RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A aspirants and to solve this Problem we have brought this Initiative of providing PIB Summary and Analysis PDF on Monthly and Bi-Monthly Basis.
  • We go through each and every related Article and collect information without leaving anything.
  • We can assure you that if a Question will be asked from PIB then it must have been covered in our PDF with such a detail that you can answer any questions asked.
Features of Our Monthly PDF:-
  • All the News and Information covered in a structured Manner. It has been categorized into 4 Parts namely
    • PM & President in News
    • Cabinet Approvals
    • Ministry Wise Coverage of All the ESI & ARD related Ministry
    • Miscellaneous News (It covers not important news but can be asked in Phase - I) 
  • Separate Section of Agriculture Related News (Targeting NABARD Grade A)
  • All the Programs and Polices covered in Detail (Sometimes Article doesn't provide sufficient information about program but we in our compilation include all the necessary details which can be asked.

Why Government Schemes are important?

·       Government schemes play a very important role in Phase 1 + Phase 2 of RBI Gr B and NABARD Gr A/B, their weightage is especially high in Phase 2 of both these exams.

What to cover for Government Schemes?

·       All the newly launched schemes in past one year and the old schemes that have been in news and are directly/indirectly related to the syllabus of the examination.

How to Cover Newly Launched and Schemes in News?

·       The best source for doing this is through Press Information Bureau (PIB), it’s a government of India website, which provides details about all the Day-to-Days programs, initiatives and events of Government India across ministries and RBI in its exams directly pick Questions from this Website.

How many Questions came from PIB?

·       In recently conducted RBI Grade B 2022, around 38 Questions in phase I had reference in PIB and 18 Questions mostly Government Schemes had been discussed in PIB.

How many Months of PIB to be Read?

·       In the recently conducted exam as well as in Past year, 4-5 months updates were asked in Phase I exam and 8-9 months updates mostly Schemes have been asked in Phase II Stage, phase II questions are difficult and need detailed study.

How to Cover PIB?

·       The best way to do is directly from official Website but many people find it difficult to do and also many of those preparing for RBI, NABARD are already working so they don't have sufficient time for them rather than leaving it for before exam, they should use some detailed compilation.

How this PDF compilation is different from others?

·       As you know most of the institutes hire content writer for these things, that content writer can be anyone, this compilation has been created by me going through each and every article and even I use this for myself in exams.

How to Read this PDF?

As I said earlier PIB is important for Phase I as well as Phase II but in Phase II only specific ministries are important which relate to the syllabus of Economics and Social Issue, Agriculture and Rural Development and there are only 14-15 such ministries. So, for these ministries’ updates have been provided Ministry wise and for rest other such defense etc., news has been kept under Miscellaneous Updates. Apart from that some reports are released by NITI Aayog and various ministries so there is a separate section for Reports and Indices in PIB. So, this PDF has been categorized in five parts namely,

  1. PM and President in News
  2.  Cabinet Approvals (Most Important)
  3.  Programs and Update under Related Ministries
  4. Miscellaneous Updates
  5.  Reports in PIB 
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